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Product Search Results – June 20, 2024

Lift Type: 2 Post Surface Mounted Lifts
Model Number: TR-10C
Brand Name: Apluslift Falcon
Rated Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs
Certification Date: 3/6/2020
Torin Inc.
4355 E. Brickell St. ,
Ontario CA 91761
Certified Accessories
Model #DescriptionRated Capacity
TR-2OH-22 Ft. Overhead Extension Kit
TR-2OH-3Long Arm Assembly (set of two arms)5000 lbs.
TR-C4Truck Adapter Kit (capacity is per set of 4 adapters)10000 lbs.


Every current ALI certified lift model is listed in this ALI Directory of Certified Lifts. If it’s not listed, it’s not certified.