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Buyer Beware – Lift Inspection Claims

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Lift Inspector Certification Program not only tests and certifies qualified lift inspectors, it also holds those inspectors responsible for adhering to the program’s Code of Ethics, following industry standard lift inspection processes and using standardized lift inspection documentation to ensure that every lift receives a consistently thorough inspection. Proof that a lift has been inspected by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector and has passed ALI’s program requirements is the application of a serialized, dated ALI Inspection Label.


With a growing demand for the services of a qualified lift inspector, a number of inspection providers have been applying fraudulent or misleading labels to lifts where the full inspection requirement of the current American National safety standard was not provided. The offending labels may directly incorporate the ALI name, logos, marks or text to indicate or otherwise infer that the automotive lifting products inspected are approved, certified or endorsed by ALI, ANSI, OSHA, an NRTL or some other real or imagined authority.


Some of these inspection service providers have never been ALI Certified Lift Inspectors, authorized participants of the ALI program or ALI Associate Members and are simply attempting to confuse buyers. Others have lost their prior certification or membership by violating ALI policy.


Beware: just because companies show product images in sales sheets or on websites that include the ALI name, logos or marks, that does not mean they are official participants or ALI Associate Members.


To ensure that you receive the quality service to which you are entitled, it is important that all of your ALI lift inspection related services be made through ALI authorized participants, ALI Associate Member companies or through their approved channels.


Those seeking lift inspection services should be aware of the following specific claims:

ADG Services, LLC
Complete Equipment Company
Donald Kelly Mechanical, LLC
Gemco Lift Inspection – Public Safety Notice
Lift Locker and Safety Locker Industries
Liftech – Fraudulent claim of ALI License #1581
MEC / McDaniel Equipment
Quickie Lift Automotive Equipment Repair – Public Safety Notice
Rich’s Shop Equipment, Inc.


ALI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI accreditation #0584) as an independent, third-party product certification body. This means that ALI meets the rigorous and continuing requirements of ANSI for authorization to allow application of ALI’s annual inspection label bearing ALI’s mark to automotive lifts that are judged by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector to conform to the current edition of the requirements of the American National Standard ANSI/ALI-ALOIM Standard for Automotive Lifts – Safety Requirements for Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance.


The annual lift inspection label of ALI may only be applied by Lift Inspectors certified by ALI, representing authorized Participants in the ALI’s lift inspector certification program. Only authorized participants including direct and internet businesses are permitted to display the ALI name, logos or marks. The ALI certification mark may be depicted by Participant authorized agents in strict accordance with ALI’s Participation agreement and section 16 of the Inspector Certification Program Participation Manual.


ALI has registered its name, safety materials, logos and marks relating to its business, including its lift and lift inspector certification programs, with the appropriate domestic and foreign Federal Registrars for intellectual property.  ALI will take all necessary steps to protect its intellectual property from unauthorized use.


ALI is committed to providing consumers with high-quality and reliable safety-related information. The names of websites, companies, and products identified by the Automotive Lift Institute as providing false or misleading claims pertaining to automotive lift safety may be published on the ALI website.


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