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Participant Code of Ethics

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Automotive Lift Institute, Inc. Lift Inspector Certification Program

ALI Certified Lift Inspector Logo

Every individual and/or firm is directly responsible for their own actions. As such, each must act in the most professional, ethical, and legal manner to advance the Automotive Lift Institute’s mission of promoting the safe design, construction, installation, inspection, and use of automotive lift products.

  • We hold automotive lift safety as our highest core value.
  • We will conduct ourselves honorably, lawfully, and ethically.
  • We believe educating others on the topic of automotive lift safety is a shared responsibility of every individual and/or firm.
  • We will enhance the integrity and reputation of the automotive lift inspection profession by interacting with each other, customers, suppliers, and all other parties in a manner consistent with fair and ethical business practices.
  • We will continually strive to improve automotive lift related safety processes.
  • Whenever possible we will communicate openly and with integrity on matters of automotive lift safety.
  • We recognize that often the Certified Inspector will be the only onsite source with readily accessible knowledge or information pertaining to automotive lift related occupational safety and health requirements. Therefore, we endeavor to educate shop owners, managers, supervisors, and their employees about these requirements whenever possible.
  • We will not act in a manner that compromises operator safety or the safety of those where an automotive lift is intended to be operated.
  • We will extend our automotive lift safety efforts beyond the workplace to include residential lifts, the hobby and collector market, and local code enforcement offices in our communities.
  • We acknowledge the interdependency between the success of our business and the well-being of the communities in which we operate. We are committed to making a positive social contribution within those communities and acknowledge our responsibility to engage with the communities in which we work.


Our employees, including our ALI Certified Inspectors, will remain free from any undue commercial, financial, or other pressures that may adversely affect the quality of the employment with our company, and they will not solicit or accept any personal benefit from any person or organization that may cause any actual or perceived conflict of interest. Furthermore, if they are asked to evaluate or audit a product of a client of the company for which they have been an employee, for which they have provided design/consultative services, or for which they hold any financial interest, including the holding of stocks unless a mutual fund or in a corporate retirement savings plan, they shall immediately bring such potential conflict to the attention of the company’s key officer so their work schedule can be revised as deemed necessary.