Technical Assistance

ALI is contacted regularly by lift owners, users, inspectors and service providers with questions concerning automotive lift operation, inspection and maintenance as well as installation and service. Usually, the information we receive is incomplete. For all inquiries, please be prepared to provide the following:

  • The lift manufacturer’s name.
  • The lift’s model and serial number.
  • A photo of  the ALI Certification label including the serial number.
  • A photograph of the lift identification plate including the serial number.
  • A photograph of the lift,  including a view of the area of concern.

If the manufacturer is not a member of ALI or is out of business,  we still may be of assistance, but the same information will be necessary before we can attempt to assist you.

If you have not already contacted the manufacturer, ALI recommends that you do so first because the manufacturer is usually the best source of information pertaining to your lift.

Be advised, ALI does not recommend the purchase or use of secondhand lifts. In most cases, there  is no way to  accurately guarantee that the lift meets original specifications and has not been modified.

If you are having an issue related to lift installation, operation or maintenance, the manufacturer may recommend that you arrange for a qualified person to inspect your lift to help provide peace of mind as to continued safe operation. You can locate such qualified persons through ALI’s Directory of Certified Inspection Providers.

Thank you for your interest in lift safety. If you have contacted the lift manufacturer and are still in need of assistance, you can submit the information required above to ALI by email. We look forward to reviewing your inquiry and will provide a response within 48 business hours.