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Lift Inspection Guide (Reproduced with permission from Professional Tool & Equipment News)


Invest in Your Future: Invest in Lift Safety


June edition of Professional Tool & Equipment News and Fleet Maintenance – Reproduced with Permission

vehicle repair gets more demanding every day. Those of you on the front lines work­ing with equipment to main­tain and repair vehicles can never afford to “take it easy.” Not when you are entrusted with the safety of your custom­ers’ vehicles, your employees and yourself.

This 16-page supplement provides an overview of the hot topics in vehicle lifting that technicians, fleet maintenance manag­ers and shop owners need to be aware of in order to maintain bay safety and productivity. Needless to say, safety is a major consideration when lifting a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds and then working under it.

This piece covers lift safety considerations and the story behind the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Gold Lift Certification Label.

With medium duty vehicles taking a big­ger role in many businesses nowadays, more service shops are looking for heavier duty lifts. The article, “Go Big – But Go Safely,” provides input on choosing a heavy duty lift.

SAFETY is a major consideration when lifting a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds.

This supplement also explains the impor¬tance of having every vehicle lift inspected annually by a qualified lift inspector. This requirement is found in the ANSI National Standard covering vehicle lift opera¬tion, inspection and maintenance, which is included by reference in regulations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

To make it easier for shops to find quali¬fied lift inspectors to inspect their lifts, ALI launched North America’s first third-party vehicle lift inspector certification program last fall. For more information about the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program, see the article, “What’s Riding on Your Lifts?” To find a local ALI Certified Lift Inspector, visit www.autolift.org/certified-inspector.php. The database is searchable by ZIP code and will be continuously updated as additional inspectors achieve certification.

You rely on your vehicle lifts every day. Invest the time to make sure you are using and maintaining them properly. As ALI says, “Your safety is riding on it……Read the full article here.

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