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BFS Retail & Commercial Operations, LLC


to: R. W. (Bob) O’Gorman
from: Darrell Rowe
date: April 15, 2008
subject: BFRC / Automotive Lift Institute – Strategic Safety Alliance

I am pleased to announce BFRC Education Department’s intent to continue the formal Strategic Safety Alliance with the Automotive Lift Institute, Inc (ALI).

The Automotive Lift Institute’s mission statement of promoting the safe design, construction, installation, and use of automotive lift products has been recognized as a program offering tremendous benefit to our organization.

Many of the available safety materials developed by ALI are recognized as American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved national standards or are regularly referenced and provided with new lifts or in support of current installations by the largest and most respected lift manufacturers. ALI’s safety supplies are of direct benefit to our teammates as well as indirectly to our customers and add value to BFRC’s education and safety programs throughout out store network. We have made the ALI lifting points guide available to stores directly from our distribution center and reference many of these materials in our lift training program.

BFRC lift training includes a stand-alone Vehicle Racking module based on ALI’s Lifting It Right Safety Manual and supported by ALI’s Lifting It Right safety video. This module is used in New Teammate Orientation and other targeted training situations. All training programs involving lifting a vehicle reference the need to follow ALI lifting point guide when racking and lifting a vehicle.


Auto Lift Institute
Darrell Rowe
Manager, Education & Development
BFS Retail & Commercial Operations, LLC.

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