ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program Registration




Become an ALI Certified Lift Inspector

ALI’s Lift Inspector Certification Program is the only program in North America that independently tests and certifies car lift inspectors as qualified to inspect any vehicle lift. It was created to provide third-party qualification of vehicle lift inspectors and to certify those who demonstrate that they are capable of properly inspecting all car lifts in accordance with the ANSI/ALI ALOIM standard and in support of OSHA’s General Duty Clause, as well as provincial requirements in Canada.

The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program has been developed as a self-study course. Each registration fee includes more than $600 worth of training materials including current editions of:

This registration fee is for one inspector and entrance for one person to one of ALI’s mandatory Participant Orientations. Also included are the reference and study materials for the first inspector. To register more than one inspector candidate at a reduced fee, please call our office at (607) 756-7775.

Please Note: The registration fee is non-refundable. Automotive lift inspectors, certified by ALI on behalf of the Participant company, shall be directly employed by the Participant or the Participant’s Authorized Operating Facility, and shall be classified as a W2 employee or its equivalent if in other countries.  Before registering, review the requirements of the program by visiting Become an ALI Certified Lift Inspector.